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How to use Line B612 Selfie camera app

Using Line B612 Selfie app to capture photos and saving them in your device:

This one is the first process. Line download camera b612 Selfie app is designed to take amazing portrait photos. Here it means the app is going to use your front camera to take the photo. It does not work with the back camera.

Install Line B612 Selfie app in your android Smartphone.


The next thing you have to do is tap on the screen to take photos. You will hear the click sound.

The app works with the front facing camera and there is very less settings.

Once you take photos it will save them automatically when you select one. For example you had captured around 4 photos. It will save only one that you want and others will be removed.

In this app. the shutter sound is not available that does not draws anyone attention when you are taking photos.

Few more tips:

Line B612 Selfie app Soft-Focusing:-

Line B612 Selfie app has a very smart feature of enabling soft focus on your images. Soft focus means the app will automatically fade the background. It does not matter who is behind you. It will make the image to appear sharper

Line B612 Selfie app Collage tool:-

Line B612 Selfie app also comes loaded with a very easy to use Collage feature. That means you can make a smart collage of your images and share that with your friends on your favourite social networking website. It is very easy to use and has impressive features. It is fast and effective tool to decorate your images as per your need.

Linh download: http://b612az.com

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